Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodbye South Africa, I'll Miss You (but I won't miss waking up in the middle of the night dreading my imminent murder)

Day 72:  Institute: only worth going to when you go to McDonalds after and ask for super-sized chips (fries), and the manager has to come and swipe a special card, authorizing her permission to super-size us.

Day 73:  Did my interviews and stuff for my project.  Basically my findings are thus: being a man means asking girls out.  Thank you for your insight 12-year-olds.

Day 74:  Hogsback anyone?  Also known as "Little England?"  Also known as "the place where I want to spend the rest of my life?"

Day 75:  Don't worry, but Jackie and I impressed a room full of drunken old strangers with our swing dancing skills.  BYU would be so proud.

Day 76:  So, basically it snowed all over the Eastern Cape.  I know right?!? (and for those of you who don't know, the Eastern Cape is the province where I live in South Africa) (and South Africa is a country, not just a region, for that matter).

Day 77:  Jenna missed her chance for meeting her one true love: South Africa's farmer of the year (who is looking for a wife who doesn't mind living in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sheep and horses.)

Day 78: Tuesdays are boring.  Nothing happens on Tuesdays.  Except for buckets and buckets of rain blessing Africa. 

Day 79:  Institute is awesome when you go and hang out in McDonalds for 2 hrs.  (after class is over, of course)

Day 80:  I'm pretty sure this is the day I finished almost all of my homework.

Day 81:  I saw zebras in the wild.  And giraffes.  And rhinos and antelope.  And lions (inside special fences).  Take that, zoo!  I don't need you, I can see cool animals all by myself.

Day 82:  Family Dinner's are great.  Especially when I don't cook anything.

Day 83:  Jenna's last full day in South Africa.  How do I react?  By getting lost in Southernwood and deleting almost all of my Durban pictures on accident.

Day 84:  Auntie P.: A woman so magnificent that I am perpetually hugging her.

Day 85:  Institute: that special place where I get in trouble for talking and passing notes like I am still in 7th grade.  And did you know you're not supposed to take pictures while in McDonalds? What is with that?  Do they not want the free advertising?  Do they have enough customers or something? (answer: no.  Capitalists never have enough customers.)  I don't understand.

Day 86:  My last practice with the rugby team.  I was accorded the special honor of riding on the scrum machine and being a part of the huddle.

Day 87:  Made Hyrum work for his money.  And by 'work' I mean that we tried our best to embarrass him.  Don't know if it actually worked.

Day 88:  My last full day in South Africa.  Basically I spend the day fighting back buckets of tears and taking pictures of the rottweiler next door.

Day 89:  This is the day I leave on a jet plane, not knowing when I'll be back again.  But I will be back.  Just you wait.


Ben said...

Yay for imminent murder! Although I must say I'm glad your back so I can randomly see you on campus and give you awkward half hugs on my bike.

Mrs. Darcy said...

Aww! I love your adventures BUT I'm glad you're coming home :)